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  • Home Kahuna massage Workshops Courses Training and Private appointments Like every area in life; Kahuna is better explained by Maslow's pyramid. Because most people have a distorted concept about Kahuna - we need to establish different levels of awareness and human perception. Deeper levels of Kahuna bring lower, middle and higher dimensions together. The video below gives you just a sample of what you can feel.
  • What is Kahuna, Understanding what is Kahuna comes from personal experience of unlimited vision. Kahuna is vision is followed through unbroken action. Creation is Kahuna founded on intention. Recognising what is Kahuna comes systematic intentional living. A Kahuna Massage therapist has great experience in many aspects of life not just massage training, aware of profound effect on client
  • About Kahuna Massage helps you reconnect with your body and life. It is right of passage affecting every aspect of your being; Mentally, emotionally, spiritually. physically. Observer confined within lower dimensions cannot view higher dimensions - Einstein. To know About Kahuna Massage; Listen to our clients speak of their experiences of higher dimensions.
  • Whether it be pain or pleasure your body feels it is product of conditioning. We have been conditioned to hold on to pleasure. This conditioning affects you on every level of your life. Holding on is a product of fear conditioning. Fear vibration is at the core of the essence of energy of conditioning.
  • Self Love helps you get through stuckness. Self love is concept of being happy with your choices in life. Love relationships and business. Until we can love ourselves we are incapable of loving another. Self love is ability to fully experience difficult times and good times.
  • What Happens in You appointment - Identify your needs. Begin with honesty of where you are in your life. once established, the therapy begins with guidance to linking to your achieving your goal. Establishing connection to earth energy is primary. When you are grounded and more connected to your body. Identify to life as you want it to be for purpose to begin to make sense.
  • Kahuna Master Last two decades - we only hear about Kahuna from the point of view of massage, the reality is that; Kahuna is in every field of exceptional expertise, one who can foresee the consequences of every action.
  • Dignity & Respect Dignity & Respect Power of Yes. And Power of power of NO. You'll learn how to say yes to pain and pleasure are both are part of life. By allowing yourself to connect to areas of pain, you learn to master connection to inner healing. For details from Kahuna master; see video here on the significance of embracing all emotions as your family without focussing on outcome.
  • Origin of Mastery of Kahuna Vision. Indigenous cultures viewed their world as Origin of the whole of entire universe. Whenever there was a situation they identified a break in the link. Break in communication between elements creates disturbance in every aspect of life. They knew that everything is vibration. Vibration is origin of all life.
  • Self Knowledge and Journey of Self Knowledge. When ever there is conflict, the greatest conflict is within. Transformaiton begins without thinking about change. Getting out of our minds is our first step to self knowledge. Self knowledge becomes inner knowing of all universe. Self judgement disappears.
  • Kahuna Example Example of a Kahuna Master A KAHUNA CARPENTER WOULD NOT JUST BE AN EXPERT IN BUILDING WITH TIMBER, BUT WOULD BE ABLE TO KNOW, BY FEELING THE TIMBER. HE WOULD SEE AND FEEL WHAT THE TREE HAS SEEN DURING ITS LIFETIME. This timber would influence the residents. Energy of timbe is linked to body soul mind and emotions that live there.
  • Passage of Rites Kahuna massage was a passage of rites 'and still is' that - for a leader or a villager with great responsibility, received in a temple to live drumming. This would continue 24/7 often for weeks. The purpose of this Kahuna was to turn the ideas and the energies that are freed up into action, a natural shift. redirecting the energies. For many; passage of rites would be a image make over. For others it could be career clarity. For others - getting clear on purpose and on track.
  • Kahuna Definition By definition, a Kahuna is beyond even an expert - this is included since the word expert now days is deeply misplaced. Kahuna were held responsible for their actions during training and till they left this planet. During their training they were severely tested ensuring the safety and integrity in their standing within their community.
  • Keeper of Balance A Kahuna is the Keeper of Balance. It is known in the Kahuna world that poorly delivered knowledge and service is worse than useless and at best dangerous in hands of one who is deluded enough to believe they know it all.
  • Kahuna Shaman
  • Spirit Energies affect everyone. The best way to understand Spirit Energies is by relating to walking into a room and feeling that something is wrong. Or feeling joy in a room. We often talk about how good a room feels. That is the spirit of the room.
  • Benifits of Kahuna Massage POur body is just like a computer clean up, or virus check up. When the computer slows down you know something is not right. You need to defrag and delete useless files. A skilled IT person will clean the hard drive of any invaders. That expert will set up your computer to work efficiently. Kahuna identifies the perpetrators of mind and actions that interfere with your life.
  • About Your Appointment Your appointment begins by connecting you to all your SENSES. The defining aspect about your appointment here is focus on your body soul connection as your healing agencyon
  • About Kalahney Know who touches you, however they express and respond to their life’s gifts, is the quality that vibrates into your body mind, emotions.
  • Personal Development It is not publicised that Kahuna massage is perhaps the highest level of personal development (purely through accessing pleasure that fills the emptiness)
  • Desire & Sameness Deeper Experience & Desires Typically, people seeking Kahuna Bodywork/Massage are desiring a deeper experience through their massage as well as relief from Physical pain & Stress. our body caries pain and discomfort of emotional experiences that we do not understand Return to your world within through compassion and devoted touch. In your KaHuna session you will feel deeply nurtured and understood.
  • Original Kahuna Teachers Story Kalahney presents a video of Dr Sir John Whitman Ray's Kahuna training as he speaks about one of his Kahuna teacher. This account has never been shared within a Kahuna site until now.
  • Relationship with your body
  • Testimonials Every need and experience is different, no two people are alike, or have similar experience. Your treatment considerably relieved physical pain in Jennifer’s lower back and hip, Jennifer mentioned body toning Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Jennifer gave me your flyers and this interest me greatly.
  • Why A level of Kahuna you received is subject to your therapists awareness, research and desire to be available for more than just delivering a technique.
  • Links I love to share things that have made my life much easier.Regardless of our position or circumstance my experience we all wish for more love care health and wealth, below are just a few examples of what has worked for me.
  • Business and Kahuna. Kahuna for business brings restorative power to executives and CEO's. Team training tos are under tremendous pressures. They work lon hours raise the business relationship consciousness. Raising awareness of each others skills and awareness is key to successful interactions.
  • Bookings Contact Us for Kahuna massage, training & Events. This video is preparation for your private appointment and Kahuna TrainingAuthentic Cultural Kahuna Massage For Body Mind Connection HERE WE CAN CONTINUE for as long as it takes for you to feel to begin times available on short notice bookings Gold Coast & Brisbane Massage Therapy Broadbeach Massage Back Pain
  • News Kahuna Events; events for 2014 Kahuna Training and you must see new video on What is Kahuna on bookings page,
  • Meaning of Aloha many people believe that is means Hello and it does in honouring the devine God within. honouring the awakenining of the God within YouEssentially you are saying hello to God that resides in the human in front of you.
  • Events - at each training we create the environmental protection thereby the Spirit and Soul feel save and protected to have the capacity to join with the body. KalahneyHuna is about mastery in every area of our lives and keeping up with the earth changes and our changes in our living environment.These changes need to addressed if we are to enjoy our lives and not be caught napping through essential changes in ever changing world. Kahuna Living - foundation for co-operation. Using indigenous principals as well as current. Understanding Kahuna living with purpose.
  • Kahuna Training for every profession enhances your life irrespective of your profession or life situation. In This video Kalahney is speaking with a client. This was a result of a number of days of Kahuna Training for every profession. You'll learn how to apply Kahuna principals in every area of your life.
  • Kahuna Trainee opportunities are now available to all professions, contact us for next Training event. A trainee in Kahuna Sciences was selected by their natural aptitude. Potential students were tested thoroughly or the student would be dismissed.
  • Mastery Mastermind Training Intensive a programme desiged to help you Learn to focus your power and eliminate the discontinuity, gain momentum that propels you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Free simple things everyone can begin today
  • Natural Law This is reality based wisdom training. It is about absolute experience. Through these first hand experiences you experience the seamlessness of life. How everything fits to make the whole.
  • Overcoming Relationship Plateau Dangers You, who want progress in life and relationships; do not wish to repeat what you have had before. Continuing to repeat same experiences on same level over and over again puts life and body into stalemate. Plateauing in life is for the average person.
  • Soul Journey Our Soul Journey comes into this lifetime to live the life that it could not live in the past. For some it is to help guide the world to pay attention to how they are affecting their environment.
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  • Therapists & Rates are set to their levels of achievement and life experience. It is essential that your therapist knows the depths of influence a session has on the recipient to achieve that they need experience in life and an opportunity to provide massage. Students are available & their rates are set at the level of expertise esential part of their trainingm assessed on the student massages they provide.
  • Articles
  • Kahuna Studies Innitial Kahuna studies were at least 3 years in duration, mostly non verbal. The student was directed to observe nature's deepest secrets that are unseen by the average person.
  • Where I obtained this Wisdom Kahuna Massage evolves, in my experience, intention determines what your experience would be. My official Kahuna training began in 1992 , when Kahuna massage training in Australia was in its infancy, it was rigorous, as Kahuna training is meant to be.
  • Events What is Kahuna Knowledge Sacredness is calling many, however, authentic teachers are few. To prepare you in understanding Kahuna, Kahuna mastery was offered only to the brightest in the village and surrounds. Students were tested continuously. Majority of training was non verbal based on expanding the awareness of the student.
  • Practices of Native Hawaiians
  • Kahuna is a Hawaiian word

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