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Spirit Energies affect everyone. The best way to understand Spirit Energies is by relating to walking into a room and feeling that something is wrong.

Or feeling joy in a room. We often talk about how good a room feels. That is the spirit of the room. This is basic understanding of spirit energy. Then we learn to connect to it on a deeper level. Just like getting to know a  human being or a potential pet. They exhibit traits and feelings beyond their physical presence.

Identification with spirit energies is a skill that must be developed with the help of experienced spirit energy shaman.

Shamanic Kahuna involves spirit energies that are currently affecting you. You are being influenced in every way. People believe their gut feelings are their own. Mostly they are a reaction to what you have been taught to acknowledge. If you don't already know it - your gut feeling at it's most vulnerable state will reject it.

Remember that growth is a journey to the unknown until it recognised as the known.

    • Have a listen to this man in this video. 
    • He is no different from you. 
    • With proper guidance he was able permit the healing to continue without disruption. 

Then the Shaman brings in the balancing energies that heal the disruption that are mischievoSpirit Energiesus or even dangerous energies that you have unknowingly brought into your body. Your spirit guides, spirit of water, spirit of earth, spirit of air. Every element has its personal group of spirit energies. We have all heard of the mysteries of the indigenous cultures. When you listen to clients speaking they are guided to connect to their level of ability of awareness of illusions and actual presence of clarity, purity and honesty of the energy of every element of personal and natural environment. When you become aware of the range of profound spiritual experiences that are very real and physical you life changes from control to wonder of choices. 

Ability to Identify spirit energies is available for everyone.

You know you are ready when you take the time to listen and be prepared to be guided toward your truth. It's important for you to know that these energies are present. Whether you feel spirit energies or not. These spirit energies are affecting you at every level of your life. Begin to get to identify your supportive energies and your disruptive energies. When you can identify the differences in spirit energies only then can you begin to identify with them as they actually are. Know what to do about that before pretending they do not exist. Ignorance hurts your personal relationship with your life.