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Essence of Energy

Whether it be pain or pleasure your body feels it is product of conditioning. We have been conditioned to hold on to pleasure. This conditioning affects you on every level of your life.Essence of Energy

Holding on is a product of fear conditioning. Fear vibration is at the core of the essence of energy of conditioning. Fear of not belonging. Fear of not measuring up to general society. Everything is vibration of essence of energy. Defining the distinctive differences of feelings of energies that take you towards the life you dream of and energy that takes you away from reaching your dream  is at the core of all success or failure.

 Importance of validation Cherrie talks about her experience  

The rest of the site can assist you in understanding Authentic Kahuna massage (not just Hawaiian Technique). High level Hawaiian's traditionally never just did a generic styleLike any culture they too had a people on basic level of awareness. What they had in their favor is that they were able to acknowledge Kahuna masters were far more advanced than the rest of the community. Having said that, they too had some people of malicious intent. This is in every society from beginning of time.

Purity of Essence of Energy Connection to the Source.

  • It is always about pure connection with the source.  
  • Every movement, chant, the food all comes from the Spirit of the Earth and the Sky; these energies merge to create Caress of Life.  

Essence of Energy Radiates

  • The Essence of these energies coming together stirs and radiates from the inside out and the Kundalini responds.  

Essence of Energy Kundalini Connection

  • Kundalini energies are in every living form and we are connected to everything and everyone in the universe.  

Kalahney Kahuna Bodywork is not to be mistaken with the massage marketed as Kahuna you find in many (not all but the majority) day spas.

Kahuna living is not just massage.

When applied consciously it lives in every aspect of our lives. 

It is a remarkable level of Alchemy that you can actually feel in every cell of your body in absolute joy and satisfaction, that when experienced does not invoke a habitual desire to finish it, but to continue to indulge in the pleasure that spreads throughout the whole of the body on the way meeting with discomforts and pain etc, expressing life.