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Passage of Rites. 

Kahuna massage was a passage of rites 'and still is'. A leader or a villager with great responsibility, received in a temple to live drumming.

For many; passage of rites would be a image make over. For others it could be career clarity. For others - getting clear on purpose and on track.

 This would continue 24/7 often for weeks.

Deeper understanding of passage of rites is in the shift in consciouness.

Kahuna therapies and coaching begins to rewrite your DNA. The whole point of  Authentic Kahuna is to bring the person to new levels of awareness. A great deal more goes on beneath the surface during the passage of rights training, coaching and therapies. A tremendous energy shift occurs. 

The purpose of master Kahuna was to turn the ideas and the energies that are freed up into completing a dream that you have been unable or afraid to live. It's vital that we journey the journey so that the dream can be realised and we can move on. FOR A MASTER, redirecting the energies is a natural shift. Understand that this is not about emotional release it is about emotional flow so the desire can complete it's journey. The videos here take you into real life training discussion with a client.

He realises the difference between emotional release and emotional realisation. This indicates the passage of rites is successfulPassage of Rites

These days; People with greater responsibilities are equivalent to village leader of village chief. With the responsibilities of community their team and their business they need personal tune up to stay focused and healthy. When the pressures of all responsibilities begin to overwhelm book for your passage of rites private appointment. Re-fresh, Re-set, somewhat like performing a complete computer scan, virus removal, identifying the trogon horse. Or when the computer continues to crash sending it to a professional service center.

Passage of Rights for Body & Soul merging with DNA of life.

Our body/mind/spirit/soul/emotion/intellect often suffer from overload & invasion, Kahuna bodywork then works like computer clean up for our entire wellbeing. Contact us to discuss how we can help.