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Kahuna Shaman

Kahuna Shaman is powerful connecKahuna Shamantor of Spirit energies to physical form.

Kahuna Shaman healer has almost been lost due to lack accountability. By being taught in short weekend courses it has lost it's meaning. Recognising deeper spirit presence takes a split second. Then one needs to learn how, when and where to apply it. It needs to only shared with those who are prepared to put in the work. Because it has been used to label a pleasant massage this has downgraded to just a massage technique just about everywhere.

We must bring back honor to Kahuna as Shaman as it was intended. 

Kahuna Shaman incorporates bodywork purely. Bodywork is just one of the approaches that Kahuna uses to bring all your inner bodies together. When your Lower, middle and Higher self begin to communicate - these feelings that clients above describe can be experienced.

If we are not bringing all levels of consciousness together - that would not be Kahuna.

This could be a world that you have lived in your past life, but did not master.

As you surrender to the feelings of love that dissolve the stress and tension of body mind spirit.

Authentic Cultural Kahuna bodywork Massage for Body Mind Spirit Soul Emotion Connection. Here the most profound difference is that the environment is able to be balanced by using earth energies by feeling earth energies. Kahuna Shaman goes beyond what is traditionally considered sacred. When engaged in teaching or interacting with the energies Kahuna Shaman identifies both the dark and the light energies without judgement.

Judgement is not discernment. Discerning the different energies empowers. Judging different energies often blinds the individual by perpetuating resistance.

Resistance is a form of ignorance. Kahuna Shaman transcends conditioning as he/she transcends mental, physical emotional limitations.

Kahuna Shaman can travel with the diseased persons soul, supporting them to see clearly their next rebirth. It is essential the person makes this decision when theyhave gained clarity of the options offered. In the other world, there are spirits who do not always have your best interests. When you follow the light, how do you determine who is behind that light. This is a practice one undertakes while living healthy and dynamically in this physical life.