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Origin of Mastery of Kahuna Vision.

Body Soul Spirit Emotion & Mind Merge Indigenous cultures viewed their world asOrigin of thought is living earth Origin of the whole of entire universe. Whenever there was a situation they identified a break in the link. That was a violation of the universal law. 

Universal law is all about interdependence. Whenever we separate ourselves from the universal law, we break the link of life giving mana.

Break in communication between elements creates disturbance in every aspect of life. They knew that everything is vibration. Vibration is origin of all life. Each thought you think, the words we say and each action we take is expression of strength and connection to our vibrational energies.

To help you understand vibration in a scientific way here is a medical example that is now common therapy.

Effects of vibration has been proven now in medicine. Kidney stones are broken up by vibration using laser. This laser would crumble the kidney stone into powder so it can pass through urethra. Where a huge kidney stone blocked - the sound waves would break up the stone removing the blockage so water can again flow and take the small particles of kidney stones with them.

Shaman who work with convergence of energies result in highest level of life coaching. By identify the origin of the situation as they allow it to present itself; a frequency is felt and allowed to be. This is the key to simplified level of your personal development that you recognise within yourself. Typical human behavior; when something begins to show itself - the human mind wants to fix it. Human mind has been conditioned to get rid of what they do not recognise. This can result in you being left incomplete that the universal energy just fills leaving you even more fractured. Because you threw out the very essence of who you are. The feeling, the situation needs to be felt completely to connect to its source. When the origin of the event is established; it is then permitted to complete it's journey. This brings about transmutation. Dimensions of time cease, this results in original thought to complete it's journey. Remember, we are talking about origin of energy. When you allow that energy to flow; it transmutes.

These are the origin of principals that when we apply to every aspect of life expand our consciousness. There are multiple ways of approaching every situation. Take a realistic view of what the situation is. The secret of Huna is only revealed when all elements are communicating. They are revealed in your cellular original language. Cellular origin is the seed. It needs to connect to expand and grow. Origin cannot stand still. It's purpose is to grow and expand and touch others. Each element feeds into other element. If there is a disruption in connection, communication is distorted. 

Example is this client in the video above. Originally we met for physical/emotional healing. When that connection was missing during the session, there needed to be a different approach. His business concerns were interfering with the progress. It was imperative for us to include the energy of his business. His business was integral part of the origin of disconnect within his body. The moment we identified where the disconnect of the business lay in the body. We had a break through. 

  • Life made sense. The way he viewed all aspect of his life linked into full expression of who he is. This is Kahuna. Origin of Kahuna has no beginning nor end. Origin of Kahuna is living energy that never stops linking and adjusting to situations. It is the caretaker of every aspect of life.

There is a hierarchy of importance that needs to maintained. Origin is the seed that meets the earth. Seed is thought as result of programming. The programming is within our DNA. Russian Scientist conducted studies on our DNA. The discovered that it is the DNA that holds the memory of our past and plays in the background in every move of our life. When we go to the origin which is the encoding within the DNA the vibrational frequency during Kahuna healing changes the code. Sun, rain and right conditions activate the seed. The plant grows in order of importance. Root cannot change places with the stem or the leaf. Root knows how important it's place is. If root decides to become the stem the whole plant falls apart.

Origin of Kahuna wisdom is like a plant. For life to continue to evolve, elements must be strong and where they are meant to be. Element origin must be reachable. Communication with origin of each of the parts is successful conscious living.