Ancient Huna Principals Advanced Training and Private therapies


for business relationships



Mastery Mastermind Training Intensive

Keeper of Balance

Learn to focus your power and eliminate the discontinuity.


Gain momentum that propels you from where you are to where you want to be.

Where we fail is that we try to do it all ourselves. That cannot work. any motivational speakers tell us that we can do it.

Yes we can if we have skilled people within our inner circle.

Mastermind training is a group of skilled people in areas of business, web design, law, accounts, building, farming, real estate, entertainment, cooking, systems experts, marketer, event specialists, financiers and more. This is a team of people dedicated to helping each other in achieving each others goals by sharing their skills and following through to the finish.


What I find consistently many come back from a hugely expensive seminar event all fired up only to find the same stopping blocks they encountered before. We'll bring your new skills along while addressing the blockages that may be interfering with your progress. Often it's not the lack of training but the lag that is often associated with new vision that's the key to moving forward.

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Free simple things you can do to make a difference


“Imagine the feeling of floating, feeling weightless. A sense of serenity and inner peace. A smorgasbord of emotions had welled up from within me and I had permission to release it and with it, more

                           -- TV producer

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