Ancient Huna Principals Advanced Training and Private Therapies 






Therapists & Rates are set to their levels of achievement and life experience.

It is essential that your therapist knows the depths of influence a session has on the recipient to achieve that they need experience in life and an opportunity to provide massage.


Students are available & their rates are set at the level of expertise. This is part of their training and are assessed on the student massages tTherapists & Rates are set to their levels of achievement and life experiencehey provide. We would be asking for feedback on your experience so we can support their growth and your deeper understanding of your feelings during the massage.

Supervised by Kalahney

  • Standard beginners level student rate; $ POA (subject to availability of student). This massage is done on table covered or on the floor. The knots are soothed.   
  • Intermediate level student rate;

$ POA per hour. At this level the student (subject to availability of student) has begun to apply their knowledge to their lives. The massage techniques are refined as they practice bringing forth the connection to the soul journey. 

  • Appointments at expert level by Kalahney; $ POA - subject to availability)   

Therapists & rates are shared according to competency of individual student. Whether they are beginners level - intermediate level - or advanced level; they display different levels of awareness of their capabilities. It would be unfair to lock them into standard levels as real Kahuna does not behave in that manner. Or that would not be Kahuna but just a style of massage. We have a commitment to ensure we encourage only the very competent applying for training.

All Kahuna is not just massage; massage alone as a technique cannot deliver measurable progress.

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